Loving Jesus gives us a passion to reach out to every nation…


Canaan branches in other countries provide wonderful opportunities to build bridges and share the love of Jesus with others. Because of the deep wounds we Germans inflicted on His chosen people during the Nazi era, the first country Sisters went to was Israel, where they have ministered to Holocaust survivors for over fifty years.


Our dark and godless times need centres through which God’s kingdom of love can be manifested. A joy-filled life born of true repentance allows this kingdom of love to shine forth.

Requests for Canaan branches have come one after another from many different countries. Sisters were sent out (see “Testimonies” further down the page) and new centres established – in England and the United States, Australia and Canada, Switzerland and Norway, Japan, Brazil and Paraguay. Books and leaflets have been translated into more than 60 languages, and encouraging texts and bookmarks in almost 100 languages have found their way to the farthest corners of the earth.

Our international contacts have given us countless opportunities to express sorrow for the sins of our nations. As barriers have been broken down, wounds from the past have begun to heal.


Reconciliation has led to warm friendships across the various divides:
with indigenous tribes in the Brazilian jungle,
with Aborigines in Australia,
between Germans and Poles,
between Japanese and Koreans.
Reconciliation is contagious!