Sisters in kitchen with donated fish

What no one but our Father could know


Even before our sisterhood was founded, God led our mothers to live by faith. Knowing they were called to work for Him, they were confident that He would provide everything they needed. God would be honoured as He took care of the impossible. They knew they were not to turn to others for help or provision in their needs. “Kanaan”, the land God gave us in response to faith, is a tangible example of His goodness.


After years of living in dependence on our heavenly Father, we can affirm more than ever that He is absolutely reliable as our advisor, helper and the provider of our every need. When we make it our first priority to do as He tells us, He makes it His first priority to ensure that we do not lack anything (Matthew 6:33).


It’s impossible to work out in advance how many people will need meals or how many bills will be coming in. Only our Father knows the answer. God still astounds us with the wonderfully creative ways He has of helping us, here and in our branches. Our Motherhouse is a bit like an ocean liner, but our sisters in the much smaller “boats” in other countries (= Canaan centres abroad) know God’s loving care to an even greater degree – some of them “braving stormy seas” with crews of two or three.