Kanaan Message for Today


The heavenly Father always has joys in store for His children — not just in heaven but here and now. He wants to grant His children the hidden treasures of the kingdom of heaven. He wants to disclose to them the secret of heavenly, festive joy even in this life. Do not set the joys and pleasures of this world above the gifts of God, doubting that God will really give you true happiness and fulfilment here and now. When life grows dark and earthly joys grow dim, you will then be desperately poor. Dare to forgo earthly joys for the sake of heavenly, eternal joys. You will not regret it. Rather, you will experience the fullness of joy. Do not wait until the doors are closed before turning to your heavenly Father in complete confidence, otherwise it will be too late.


Taken from Father of Comfort by M. Basilea Schlink




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