Kanaan Message for Today


In all eternity the love of God the Father can never be fathomed. He has been hurt and insulted by us. Our sins brought immeasurable pain and death to His only-begotten Son. What is God’s answer to our shameful conduct? God accepts us as His children through faith in Jesus Christ. He loves us tenderly and cares for us. He opens heaven for us so that we may one day enter into His glory.
And yet we dare to be ungrateful and proud. Unbelievably, we rebel against God time and again. We accuse Him when we do not understand His actions and leadings. We think that He is being hard on us. We should not be surprised, then, if our relationship with God is disrupted and we do not receive any help or comfort. God gives grace only to the humble (Psalm 96:1).

Taken from Father of Comfort by M. Basilea Schlink




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