Kanaan Message for Today


You have been let down by people in whom you had placed your hopes. You feel disappointed, especially if they are Christians. However, God has allowed this disappointment in your life for a purpose. Every hope you set in people is to come to naught, so that you put your hope and trust in God alone. God is the only one who never disappoints us. Somewhere along the line people will fail us, for they are fallible. Even the Church of Jesus Christ is only a lowly ‘manger’ into which the treasure of the Gospel has been laid. It is this treasure which you should seek. It will last for ever and never lose its worth. Rather, the more you know it, the more precious it will be — like our Lord Jesus Christ. The love of God had a reason in sending you disappointment. Let it accomplish its purpose in your heart. Be all the more grateful that God never disappoints you. Turn to Him alone and love Him even more. And out of this love for God, learn to love those whom He loves — the failure, the sinner.

Taken from Father of Comfort by M. Basilea Schlink




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