Kanaan Message for Today


Did you pray this morning? Perhaps you think, ‘I cannot pray. There is no point in my praying. God does not hear me anyway! I’m too bad.’ You are mistaken. God does hear. It is a matter of dialling the right number in order to get through. So begin with the prayer which is preliminary to all other prayers and which never fails to reach God’s heart. Confess to Him how weak and sinful you are, where you have failed and done wrong. Tell Him the accumulated sins marring your life. Tell Him what you are like and be honest about your spiritual condition. Be brave and tell all this to a spiritual counsellor as well. Sin needs to be brought to light and confessed. Then you will receive forgiveness and experience release through Jesus’ saving power. God, who loves you, cannot bear to see you unhappy. He is waiting for you to come. All those who confess their sins will be taken into His loving embrace. Their prayers will be answered, because there is no unforgiven sin standing between them and God.


Taken from Father of Comfort by M. Basilea Schlink




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