Kanaan Message for Today


Creation declares that God alone is the Maker. This means that it is not we human beings who are the creators of the universe. We are creatures, not masters. We are dependent upon God. Where there is no love, however, there is no willingness to be dependent — only a desire to be free, to have one’s own way and to be master of one’s own destiny. But whoever loves rejoices in this dependence, just as a child is happy to be dependent upon his father. Dependence ties the bond of love even more tightly. Accept this dependence upon God the Father as His child, and you will be a child of God in the truest sense of the word, experiencing the joy and benefits of this relationship. You will discover how blessed it is to be loved, guided and cared for by God the Father.

Taken from Father of Comfort by M. Basilea Schlink




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