Kanaan Message for Today


Your life is a storm-tossed ship. You are afraid. You call to God. But the storm grows stronger. The waves are threatening to engulf you. You cry, ‘Where is my God? Has He not heard my prayer?’ He has! But often His will is to let the storm reach its climax. In allowing this, He has a loving purpose. He wants to draw as much faith as possible from you, in order to present you with the crown of faith one day. In response to your faith, He wants to do miracles today, thus glorifying His holy name. So when the storm rages and you are shaken, be brave and praise Him, saying, ‘Now God is at work. Now great things will happen in my life, and His name will be glorified. I will endure and trust Him.’

Taken from Father of Comfort by M. Basilea Schlink




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