Kanaan Message for Today


Do you feel as if everything around you is cold and lifeless? Are you lonely in your family, in your circle of acquaintances, in your church? As your loving Father, God wants you to be loved and happy and He shows you the way: Give others much love, and you will harvest love.
Supposing that your heart were dead and cold and incapable of loving, even so there is a flame that could set it alight. It is the flame of love which burns in the Father’s heart and which has flared up mightily in Jesus. Let God’s heart enkindle you, and you will become a flame of love. Your love will be like a sun; it will shine upon all the cold hearts around you with goodness and kindness, setting them on fire with love. Then you will no longer be lonely.


Taken from Father of Comfort by M. Basilea Schlink




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