Kanaan Message for Today

Kanaan in Winter


You know what it is to pray. But that is not enough. You need to pray in faith, firmly trusting in God’s help. Put your faith into action. Do not just bring petitions.
Pray like this: ‘Thank You, Father, that You have already planned help for me. Thank You that You have a solution to my problem. Thank You that Jesus’ victory over my sin has already been won.’ There is a promise attached to such prayer. It moves the arm of God so that the difficulty must yield before His almighty power. Make use of this provision. Through thanksgiving you will become strong and full of joy. When your pleas to the heavenly Father are embedded in thanksgiving and faith, they will be heard. (see Matthew 21:22 & Philippians 4:6)


Taken from Father of Comfort by M. Basilea Schlink



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