Kanaan Message for Today



Some believers lapse into legalism in spite of having come to a living faith in Jesus – because they resist being moulded into true children, whose mark is trusting love. A true child of God will follow Jesus Christ as a disciple of the cross. He is prepared to lose his life, relinquishing all that is dear to him. Yet he also rejoices over the Father’s good gifts. He delights in the beauty of nature and all that the Father has made. He takes pleasure in people and things given by God as a token of His fatherly love. He can love them without becoming overattached or overdependent.
To live as true children of the Father, free from legalism but bound by love to Jesus’ pathway, makes for happiness – and also inspires many who are far away to draw close to their heavenly Father.


Taken from Father of Comfort by M. Basilea Schlink




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