Kanaan Message for Today


Thursday after Easter


Jesus Christ said: “You will be sad, but your sadness will turn into gladness!”
John 16:20 GNT
With Jesus, joy – not suffering – is the end of the story.
Jesus drew near to the grieving disciples
on their way from Jerusalem to Emmaus
and transformed their pain into love and joy.

(see Luke 24:13-32)
The same is true for us today: Jesus draws close to those who have buried their hopes and can no longer understand God in their darkest hour. He hears the sighing of their hearts and shares their sorrows.
He is also listening to your questions. The Emmaus story tells you: The One with the answer to all your questions is here. He is right beside you and wants to shed light upon your darkness, because He is love and takes your pain to heart. For you, too, He has a time of encounter, a time of answers, in store. This time will come!

Taken from “Joy Comes in the Morning” by M. Basilea Schlink


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