The Kanaan Team


A special program from July 10 – August 6, 2024 is offered for young women 18 – 35 years of age. Here you will have the opportunity to enrich your spiritual life and to broaden your horizons.


You long to…


Love Jesus with greater fervency?

Learn to trust your heavenly Father without reservation?

Experience what living in reconciliation and restored relationships is all about?

Then the KanaanTeam is something for you!


You can look forward to:


Fellowship with young people from various nationalities and backgrounds

A daily routine involving both prayer and practical chores (ie. Garden work, help in publishing house or with kitchen duties)

Bible studies and talks which address a variety of topics

Sisters who will be there for you with open hearts to listen to and to pray with you


In addition:


Worship gatherings, times of adoration and intercession

Our community’s daily 3 O’Clock Prayer devotional service

Sunday worship service (with holy communion, or as a service of adoration)


What do you need:


A good knowledge of English

Health insurance/Travel insurance


Your Contact Sister

Kanaan Team
Sister Liliane

Telephone number +49 6151 53 92 0

The Kanaan Team




Text: Sofia Westerberg, Sara Samir, Dina Kamel

Music: Sofia Westerberg