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Schwester Lumena

Telephone number +49 6151 53 92 0



Need a time of rest, a fresh encounter with God to counteract the stress of daily living? Then we invite you to take a day off and to come for a visit to Kanaan.

Our little land of Kanaan with its various biblical sites can be an inspiration to spend more time in prayer and meditation. The “heart” of our grounds, our Garden of Jesus’ Sufferings, provides a setting to contemplate His Passion. A “Guide to Kanaan” booklet will aid you in discovering Kanaan for yourself.

We also warmly invite you to take part in our daily 3 O’Clock Prayer in our Motherhouse Chapel.

If you are interested in the history of our Sisterhood and have questions about our daily activites, guided tours are offered each Sunday after the worship service.

School and confirmation classes, seniors, students, bible-study groups,…
all are warmly welcome to come visit Kanaan!
With an appointment beforehand, our sisters will gladly give you
a guided tour around our grounds where you will get to know more about
the history behind our Sisterhood, and how the little land of Kanaan came into being here in Darmstadt.

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